There are x3 TOLL ROADS to negotiate costing from 3-7Euros each, use the automatico payment aisle so you can pay by credit card in the machine (just like using a cash machine at home). Watch out for RADAR speed signs – particularly from Tortosa onwards.

From Barcelona airport:

Take the C32 to direction Castelldefells/ Tarragona (x3 tolls to go through).
After the 3rd toll, take E15/AP-7 toward Tarragona/Valencia.
After 159 km leave the motorway at exit 40 toward Tortosa.
At roundabout take 2nd exit onto C-42 heading to Tortosa.
Go straight over 4 roundabouts: this is the main road into Tortosa – you pass lots of car showrooms, a big Mercadona supermarket on your right and then a big MacDonalds Golden Arches at the penultimate roundabout – that’s your prompt to get ready to take a left at the last (4th) roundabout which has a big metal sculpture in the middle of it that looks a bit like a ribbed sail – (DON’T go into Tortosa) – this left exit has directions to Lleida amongst other places. Take this exit and you will notice the road goes over a river – the Rio Ebro.
After a few minutes you get to a small traffic light roundabout with a Repsol garage ahead of you – get into the right hand lane here and then go straight over the roundabout with the Repsol garage passing you on your right hand side.
Keep following signs for Lleida/CV12 – you’ll notice the signs start to say Mora and Gandesa too – you are now heading towards the CV12.
Keep following signs to Gandesa and CV12.
After Xerta take the T 333 to Prat del Compte/Vall-de-roures (Catalan for Valderrobres).
The road then becomes T330, stay on this – you will go past villages: Horta and Arnes.
Once you cross into Aragon the road becomes the A231 and stay on this until you reach to Valderrobres (again, some signs are in Catalan: Vall-de-Roures is Valderrobres).
On entering Valderrobres, go over the roundabout toward Zaragoza and turn left over iron bridge  follow the road through the town. After approx 150m, on your left there will be a modern blue glass fronted building on a corner (it’s a bakery with cafe seats in the window) TAKE THE IMMEDIATE QUICK LEFT at the bakery following the sign to Fuentespalda and stay on A1414. After 10km look out for a green sign tucked just off the road on the left to Mas de la Serra – this is a sharp but sweeping turn and you double back on yourself whilst heading up a stony track. The track is bumpy and steep so take it steady – keep following signs on 4km track until you reach the house.