Matarranya is a small corner of the country known as the ‘Spanish Tuscany’. Although you are on the edge of the dramatic Els Ports Natural Park with incredible hiking trails, it’s only just over an hour to the coast so we have a wonderful Mediterranean climate. Here the three kingdoms of Catalonia, Valencia and Aragon meet.  The countryside is a patchwork of almond and olive groves interspersed with beautiful meadows of wild flowers.

It’s a part of Spain that has only recently been discovered by the Spanish themselves who come to see a part of the country where the traditional Spanish values remain. Here the locals work the land for a living and the villages preserve their medieval past

As well as these beautiful landscapes, which Picasso captured in his youth, here you can see some of the best wildlife in the country.  Ibex with huge horns come down to the almond grove in the summer evenings and the vulture-feeding centre nearby has been rated as one of the top 5 wildlife attractions in Europe.

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