Project Description

At Mas de la Serra we are very conscious of our unique environment and the need for responsible and sustainable tourism.  With this in mind we have set ourselves the following priorities

  • Energy conservation

  • Reduction in use of plastics

  • Waste management and use of biodegradeable products where possible

  • Using local products in particular our own almonds and truffles

  • Support the local community – in particular small businesses to sustain a young population in one of the most depopulated parts of Europe.

  • Work closely with those helping to conserve the local environment. The Three Kingdoms 500,000 hectare park initiative in the mountains in front of the hotel is a world class conservation project

  • Become increasingly paperless where possible.

The Three Kingdoms – Building a European Wild Landscape

A unique opportunity to connect Spain’s important tourism market with some of Europe’s best landscape and wildlife. The aim is to promote nature conservation in connection with one of the country’s main political and social concerns: rural depopulation. Within this context, the 500,000-hectares Three Kingdoms Region is one of the best opportunities for large-scale conservation in Europe.